Created in 2013, the national professional body of the Tunisian audiometrists (CSNAT) is responsible for representing, defending, and developing the interests of all of its licensed audiometrists members practicing in Tunisia.

Like the other professional representative, the CSNAT is managed by an executive office, voluntary, elected by the member audiometrists. It has legal personality and financial autonomy and is subject to the supervision of the Tunisian union of industry, commerce, and crafts (UTICA).

The CSNAT is also active with the Ministries of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education for updating the scope of practice of the profession and revising the teaching programs so that they adapt to the new technologies and requirements of the profession.

Beyond its traditional role of representing the interests of its members, the CSNAT contributes to the development of the profession through training programs, congresses, and continuing education for its members.

The objective of the professional body is to make Tunisia a place of gathering for experts in the field of audiology specifically in Africa and the Arab world.